The Future is Here

"May you live in interesting times." -- Chinese curse

It happened. The future is here.

Donald Trump is President of the United States.

There is no denial of what is now, all of a sudden, real. There is no denial that this world, a world many of us refused to believe we live in, is the one we face today.

We live in a world where millions -- billions -- of people are angry. Where they have been for a long time, simmering for a long time, until they couldn't take it anymore. Until they boiled over.

This is a world where they deserve to be angry. Because for too long, the powerful have been running the table. They thought they could get away with it, that they were better and smarter than everyone else. They fed us the lie that we live in a world of fairness and equality -- while they skimmed from the top, took a little extra from the middle, and left nothing for the bottom.

We can point fingers at mistakes made and the people who made them. We can blame hate and racism and bigotry. But that is not why we are here today.

Today is the end result of a civilization built on a contradiction: the democratic promise of equality for everyone with the capitalist credo that resources be concentrated in the hands of an elite few. Today marks the end of that world order.

We thought we had the final answer to civilization with that world order. We were wrong. Now the choice before us is simple: either we yearn for yesterday, or we create tomorrow. Either we try to save a system that hasn't been working, or we build a different one.

That sort of civilizational change has never come easy. So make no mistake -- it is a scary future ahead. It is a future of tectonic change. It is a future of uncertainty and war and death. It is a future where we must fight with everything we have, with no guarantee we will win. It is a future we may not live to see.

No generation wants to be the one to fight this war. No generation wants to go through that degree of sacrifice, that pain, that agony. No one.

But it's on us now.

If you believe, as I do, that Trump is proof of the problem, but not the solution, then it is on us to come up with an alternative to the nationalism sweeping the world. It is on us to think outside the box, to throw away the playbook, to suggest new ideas for the future of our civilization, different than the ones that have not been working for too long.

Because history is not going to wait. The future is already here.